Plain Jane Pizza N Shakes started in Preston, VIC back in 2016 and has since then evolved into the wholesome local pizza shop you all know and love. As a family-owned business, setbacks and tough times are nothing but fuel for the passion and love for our customers. We at Plain Jane Pizza, strive to give you the best quality, freshest ingredients, straight to you.

Quality and consistency is of upmost importance to us. We make sure that every dough is treated with the love and respect that exemplifies professionalism in the industry. By using only the best quality flour, oils and ingredients, we ensure that each pizza is served to our customers at its best.

Nothing has changed when it comes to adding value to our customers. Our all famous Walk-In Specials have stuck around for years and we will continue to do so with the support of our local community. In fact, Plain Jane Pizza N Shakes are working hard to deliver even better deals/promotions and value add to our current Menu.